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Last fall, the cable operator launched Netflix access on the X1 platform, and Comcast offers various other internet apps as well including Facebook, Instagram and Pandora.

Alongside Music Key, Google also introduced tighter integration between Play Music and You Tube's apps, including the sharing of music recommendations, and access to You Tube's music videos from within the Play Music app.

Of course, You Tube TV and its competitors (which include Sony's Play Station Vue, Sling TV and Direc TV Now) all have their flaws.

There isn't a perfect option out there yet, but after spending the better part of the week watching You Tube TV I can say it definitely has some things going for it over the competition -- but it's also pretty clearly a service in its infancy.

During its invite-only beta, Music Key faced mixed reception due to the limited scope of the offering; You Tube's chief business officer Robert Kyncl explained that his daughter was confused over why videos of songs from Frozen were not "music" in the scope of the service, and thus not ad-free.

These concerns and others led to a revamping of the Music Key concept to create You Tube Red; unlike Music Key, You Tube Red was designed to provide ad-free streaming to all videos, rather than just music content.


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