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Don’t judge too quickly – people take a while to warm up. You might have high expectations but so might they, give and take a little and have fun!

You’ve got your sweatpants on, ordered enough Thai for two but only for one, and there’s a bottle of open booze somewhere in the room -- you must be single on Valentine’s Day. And I’m probably doing the exact same thing, with one big difference: instead of crying my way through…er, I mean dry-eyed watching a cheesy romcom, I’ve got my computer open, and I’m working overtime.If he’s organised and paid for (or most of) the night say thank you even if you’re not keen on another date. Your date may be dating other people, it’s what some people do these days even if you don’t. If you leave a date smiling but a little unsure of whether the chemistry was there make sure you go on another date, it takes time to get to know someone so make sure you give them a chance.Make sure you’ve arranged a time that works for you to meet where you can leave work, stress and any other worries behind you.That way he’ll know you’re interested in getting to know him and you’ll also see it’s pretty hard work thinking of a fun, exciting place to go to!Leave the cinema until you’re in a relationship, it is not a fun date! Always make an effort, touch up your make up, put on heels or have a total change of outfit to get you in the zone and excited about the date!On top of that, popular trend of the day is to use mobile apps for dating (ala Tinder).


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