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Discovered accidentally in 1974, construction on the roughly 8,000 soldiers, chariots, and horses started in 210 BC—all to help China’s first emperor in the afterlife.

These are just a sample of the many highlights you’ll see on this China tour.

A long vacation in the UK (cold and wet) and Greece (hot and dry) put everything behind schedule, so apologies for completing this month’s blog in a bit of a rush.

Now I need to get myself sorted out for this year’s writing season (I am always most productive from around September through to Easter – essentially the cooler months) to focus on the fifth and last of my books in the Hong Kong 41-45 series, provisionally entitled Noticeable And Dangerous and focusing on all those who escaped and evaded, and what they then did from then until the end of the war and beyond.

), our guide to Wan Chai’s side streets will keep you …

(more...) Promos, Deals and New Places To Eat In keeping up with our ever-changing culinary landscape, we at Sassy want to keep you notified of all the new lunch specials, menu items and drink deals in Hong Kong.

Whilst the dish at first glance may seem simple, to achieve the …

Mark your diaries, because this week has some amazing new offers you won’t want to …

(more...) Time to feast We all know that living in Hong Kong can be expensive.

Between paying for rent, treating ourselves to brunches, and (of course!

), a couple of summer junks, we can find ourselves a little short on cash.


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