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Sexual orientation: Orientation of genders to which one experiences sexual (erotic) attraction usually expressed with sexual interactions, fantasy, lust, and stimulation.Romantic orientation: Orientations of genders to which one experiences romantic (love) attraction expressed by interpersonal bonding, relationship-building, and emotion. You want to touch that person, feel their presence, kiss them and so on. Romantic attraction needs time - once you get to know the person, the way they say something, the look they have in their eye when they talk about their passion, and how all that makes you smile - now, that's romantic attraction :)Sexual attraction is just when you are interested in somebodys body, or the touch/feel of their body.You cannot allow your life and happiness to be destroyed by someone who has no respect or care for his/her victim.Rape and sexual assault can happen to anybody and can affect victims in so many ways.Through music recommendations, Cigarettes After Sex has gained millions of views on You Tube, leading to live performances across Europe, Asia, and the US.

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Romantic attraction is wanting be romantically involved with a person without sex or anything sexual being a factor.

Some areas of the country are well covered with support services while other areas have little or no services and many services have long waiting lists.

Support Line itself is urgently in need of funds to enable us to keep providing support for victims of abuse.

There are so many feelings to deal with which can often seem overwhelming – fear, anger, confusion, numbness, difficulty in making decisions, shock, rage, disbelief, panic.

We were innocent and then we were no longer innocent.


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